about me



Based near Málaga, Spain, I am a commercial photographer specializing in creating exceptional product photography and capturing the essence of interior and exterior spaces.

Commercial photography 

Studio 66 is my commercial image creation service available for product advertising, merchandising, product placement and catalogue promotions. I deliver high-end product photography and professional image retouching services for the realization of creative concepts of single products or entire product lines.

I employ a concept-driven approach that will help market your ideas and transform your creative vision into a finely-honed end-product.

Real Estate / Interior & Exterior Design

Additionally my commercial photography business can help you enhance your real estate and interior / exterior design projects, be they web-based or through more traditional print media.

Private & Commercial Marketing 

My services are ideal for marketing private and commercial real-estate, hotels, public spaces and other businesses that require the capture of high resolution images of beautifully lit interior and exterior spaces.

As well as capturing the space and light, I also specialize in photographing and delivering vignettes, those equally important details that help accentuate the space and distinguish your design work.




All images are professionally retouched and color graded to maximise the vision and creation of your project or space. Images are produced and sized according to their media requirement.

If you are professionally or privately marketing real-estate property, consider having professional-grade images to give you that competitive advantage.


My services also include small business website design solutions from the ground up. From simple to complex, design and development to meet your marketing requirements is key.

Building your brand is a crucial part of modern business and web and social media are the public windows to your brand and business. Sites are built to be cross-platform optimised, from desktops to mobiles and everything inbetween.


To discuss your concepts, requirements and project, please do not hesitate to contact me using the Contact form.

Project Commissions

If you are an interior designer or landscape contractor interested in a project commission, please contact me using the form in the Contact section.